The Writing


 YA Espionage Thriller

Ever since international criminal Charles Holguin slipped his way out of prison, Lora Winters’ parents have gone into over-protective mode. If Holguin’s list of crimes isn’t bad enough (assassination, embezzlement, stealing an entire Russian security system), he’s named seventeen-year-old Lora as his next target.

 Lora wants answers, not protection. Yet she’s stuck with mysterious Cole Davis. Dark suit. Hidden earpiece. Crooked smile and the ability to kill anyone with one swift jab to their trachea. At eighteen, Cole is a junior secret agent … and her 24/7 bodyguard.

 But Lora’s security details and curfews aren’t enough to keep Holguin at bay. After a failed kidnapping attempt, Lora and Cole must run. With a one-way ticket to London and a fake passport shoved in her bag, Lora follows a trail of family secrets, sneaking behind locked doors in Milan and stealing Vespas (and kisses) in Paris. But Holguin is closing in. Lora must unearth her family’s dark past before Holguin does, and in the process, decide if she can trust anyone but herself.



YA Light Paranormal

A family with seven boys and one girl.

A dark cavern far below the earth to call home.

A dead-end job as the Welcoming Committee of the Underworld.

Ivy can’t wait for her seventeenth birthday. Not because of the elaborate party (her twin, Corbin, will steal the spotlight anyway), but because seventeen is the age she can finally leave the screaming shipments of souls behind and join her brothers as soul collectors on Earth.

However, fate is not on her side. When Corbin is promoted without Ivy, she decides it’s time to see the world, her dad’s wrath be damned. She finds herself in Austin, Texas, where it’s hotter than hell and breakfast tacos are a delicacy. Three boys take Ivy on a one-day whirlwind: playing football, riding in a truck through country roads, laughing and keeping secrets and shedding inhibitions. But the simplicity of dancing under the stars is shattered when one of Ivy’s brothers arrives to collect a soul.In an instant, death destroys Ivy’s southern paradise. Grief tears apart the boys and a friend’s soul may be lost to the Underworld forever. Ivy tries to put the pieces back together while balancing the demands of two different worlds. She must learn how to move on, when to let go without truly forgetting, and how to fall in love when her biggest secret could ruin it all.



YA Thriller

Avery Grant inherited the two worst traits from her parents: the ease with which her detective father gets into the head of a criminal, and her mom’s ability to lie with a sweet bat of her eyelashes. But Mom took off after the lies became truth and now Avery travels with her dad across the country, each of his cases more high profile than the last. And Brooklyn’s latest art gallery is about to be hit by an infamous group of con artists:

Nate, the good guy, who’s being blackmailed to steal,

Sebastian, the brains, whose future college dreams depend on his compliance,

Victoria, the catalyst, with an unsettling record to prove she’s willing to burn down anyone in her way,

And pretty-boy Logan, V’s brother, whose self-absorption masks the reality that this crew is all he has left.

Avery’s father wants her to go undercover and infiltrate the crew. Then turn them in red-handed. But Avery doesn’t realize that someone very powerful is pulling the strings. As the gallery’s opening night draws closer, Avery finds herself being followed, blackmailed, and threatened to go through with the heist. She must decide a deadly choice: Is it worth it to betray her family? Or can she off pull the biggest con of all?